Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

LAH battlegroup Ukraine

As promised the pictures!
They dont represent the current state of Art;-)
Some things were reworked to get a more balanced look.I added more wear to the deck and overworked the turret roof.
No weathering yet.

So wie versprochen die Fotos, diese zeigen jedoch nicht den derzeitigen Stand.Wurde noch einiges gemacht um den Gesamteindruck stimmiger zu gestalten.
Deck abgenutzt, Turmdach überarbeitet etc...
Bisher noch keine Alterung.




  1. Good works so far my friend.

    best regards

  2. That one look very promising, I'm waiting for further weathering.
    But I have a question on the lost fenders - beneath the line of fenders there shouldn't be whitewash. But off course it could have happend, the white wash was reapplied or applied after the fenders were missed. Did You do it intentionally?

    Best regards,

  3. Hey Marcin,
    thx for your kind comment.I will post a picture of the original S05 soon.The whitewash was even beneath those fenders that were lost, thats why i did it.